Moringa Powder and diabetes

Moringa Powder and diabetes

Moringa oleifera ( moringa, saijan, drumstick tree) is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Both the seeds and leaves are consumable but the leaves are more popular.


What makes these leaves so healthy?

Chemical analysis has shown that 100g of moringa leaf powder contains 1443 mg of calcium , 176 mg of magnesium, 53 mg of iron, 17 mg of zinc and 624 ug of beta-carotene; all of which are about 6 times the recommended daily amounts. Talk about tiny leaves with big power! 💪 


In 2020, a group of scientists did a study in Mali (Africa) where moringa was being used as a traditional treatment for diabetes. The study revealed that for persons with diabetes, taking 2 grams of moringa powder after meal, reduced blood glucose concentrations 90 minutes after consumption. This and other studies have confirmed the effectiveness of moringa powder in regulating blood glucose, so of you're a diabetic, this is something you need in your life.


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